I joined NextPlay initially as a Senior Product Designer providing expertise in the areas of graphic design, UI/UX design, and corporate branding for NextPlay’s fintech and travel division.
This opportunity evolved to a more prominent role as Creative Director at NextPlay’s Media division, HotPlay.Games, to oversee the Thai creative team. As the creative director I established and managed the Creative Service Team, a team of UI/UX, video and graphic designers that acted as an internal design agency -- a hub for all creative services and asset requests from other departments within the NextPlay/HotPlay organization.
I provided direction and feedback for all creative outputs from product UI/UX design to marketing and social materials, offer mentorship for artists and designers, and implement standards and guidelines to raise the quality of design and design documentation to industry levels. All in effort to bring HotPlay’s Global Advertising, Game Network, and Gaming Platform to market and tackling challenges along the way.
Here is a highlight of some of the my notable works as Creative Director.
HotPlay.Games Global Advertising Platform
Design Workflow/Pipeline
I implemented design workflows and standards for constructing and delivering design deliverables to address the lack of good formal process in the UX design team at the time. This workflow included a system for organizing designs, providing annotations, and mapping with existing project management tools (Jira). This resulted in higher quality design deliverables that was, implementation ready, easier to maintain and upkeep, and easier to track.
This workshop/class was offered company wide and was an instant hit among product managers, design and development teams alike.
Below are a few excerpts from the full presentation.
HotPlay.Game's Global Advertising Platform
Traditional mobile & game advertising tends to be disruptive as it is not integrated as part of gameplay, simply displayed on top of and covering the game, interrupting the experience. 
HOTPLAY.GAMES delivers a non-disruptive, more engaging, more rewarding, and unblockable advertising solutions for advertisers to realize higher ROI - by blending player-friendly ad and reward content into the game experience itself, directly as part of the gameplay.
HotPlay Game Studios
Branded Game Services
Collaborated with team leads and fellow Creative Director from the game studio to launch HotPlay Game Studios Game Services microsite to accompany the launch of a new professional service offered to brands and advertisers. The service offers a new distribution channel for product and campaign activations for advertisers, and a new revenue channel for HotPlay.
Cross Platform Titles Launch Posters
Provided art direction and introduced a template approach to rapidly generate game posters to accompany the launch of 10 cross platform titles from the game studio.
Corporate/Product Branding
Working with executives and key stakeholders to developed corporate/product branding for NextPlay and its divisions and products.
NextPlay Technologies
A corporate brand that reflected forward momentum as a modern technology company and highlights its 4 major divisions: Gaming, Commerce, Travel, Fintech.​​​​​​​
NextBank International
A corporate brand that reflected east-west connection and transaction while communicating a sense of wealth, strength, and security befitting a bank/fintech company.
A product brand for HotPlay’s free hypercasual multiplayer web gaming platform, the branding reflects its hypercasual focus and a sense of playfulness with lively colors and simple geometric shapes.

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