I am a Creative Director / Product Designer with 10+ years experience delivering products in the digital advertising space involving video games, live/video streaming, and content monetization.
I am experienced in leading creative teams of designers and artists, providing critique and feedback for all manners of creative outputs from UI/UX design to marketing and social assets, offering mentorship, and implementing standards and pipelines to raise the quality of design deliverables to industry levels. Bridging the gap between design and development.
Over my career, I have led and worked on various design projects. Leveraging my expertise in UI/UX design to deliver implementation ready designs while tapping into my communication and graphics design skills to present key business logic and concepts pertaining to user experience to stakeholders, and on the business front, producing stunning investor decks and marketing collateral to help business development and sales.
Please reach out if you find my experience relevant and want to discuss opportunities to work together.
Email: tomtylai@gmail.com
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